Line By Line Productions  

Fort Myers - Cape Coral - Surrounding Area


Sweet Darlin' - Cheri (Slow Version)   Sweet Darlin' Of Mine - Cheri (Original)

Wind Take Me Home - Cheri (Original)  

 Your Are The One - Cheri (Slow Version)  You Are The One - Cheri (Original)

Being Together Forever - Cheri (Slow Version)  Being Together Forever - Cheri (Original)  

Frenchy - Neil (Original)


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1.) You Are The One - Cheryl Fountaine 1st place 2001 Florida Country Music Association

2.) Sweet Darlin' Of Mine - Cheryl Fountaine 2nd place 2001 Florida Country Music Association

3.)  Being Together Forever - Cheryl Fountaine

4.)  Wind Take Me Home - Cheryl Fountaine   

5.)  BOBBY MC GEE  - Cheryl Fountaine (Janis Joplin) (with permission)

6.)   MERCEDES BENZ  - Cheryl Fountaine (Janis Joplin) (with permission)

Much thanks to Unity Gain Recording Studio in Fort Myers Florida

AND to the Musician who gave Us direction and their musical talent

Michael Junkroski - Keyboard

Mark Sterman - Drums

Gene Yeager - Lead Guitar ( Bobby McGee for Us)

August Zona - Lead / Rhythm & Bass Guitar


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