Line By Line Productions

Entertainment Service Agreement

Cheri & or Neil Fountaine - 239-322-9019 / 322-9956

This agreement is for Entertainment Services at (Location )__________________


Date of Service – __________________________________________________________

Time of Service __________________________________________________________

This date of_______________________________________________________________

By You(Contact)___________________________________________________________

Your address –____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

City/ State/ Zip__________________________________________________________

Phone #’s for Contact – ____________________________________________________


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement:

Cheri & or Neil Fountaine agree to provide Entertainment Services at the Location Specified. We will supply equipment, singing and Music  as necessary until the end of the specified time.


Payment and Terms:  Client will pay to Cheri & or Neil Fountaine the amount agreed upon in Cheri Fountaine’s name.


Entertainment Services: Minimum 3 hours - $             – not prorated

For Additional hours the rate will be $                           /hr – not prorated

Non refundable deposit to secure DATE of $                   (check or cash)


***Balance AMOUNT Due at Time Of SETUP***


^^^Cash ONLY for Balance Due unless previously agreed upon.


Unless otherwise specified: As Entertainment Specialist, at our discretion,

we will provide a mixture of Oldies, Country, Various Rock, Disco, Jazz,

Line Dances and various other styles of music until the end of Our agreed

upon time. (Hand Write any additional  Music or Songs that YOU Want and

hand them to Cheri or Neil, If we can, we will do them).

        We will be allowed to take one (1) break per hour for ten (10) minutes


We will be dressed in casual apparel unless YOU specifilly require Differently

in writting____________________________________________________________________


          A convenient location to set-up will be required and power must be

within 25 feet. Outside location will be subject to weather conditions: If

outside, Cheri & or Neil will require a shelter, tent or similar by

you for protection from the elements. If the temperature is Less than 60

degrees, Cheri & or Neil will require a move indoors without penalty to

Cheri & or Neil. If you choose for Cheri & or Neil  to supply the

above equipment (heater, tent), an additional $150 will be added to the

amount of this contract. If setup is NOT on the first (1st) floor, an elevator

will be required.  There will be NO penalty to Cheri & or Neil  if there

is no elevator to achieve your desired location above the first (1st) floor.


          If Cheri & or Neil are out doors and a torrential down pour happens,

it will be necessary to stop and protect our equipment or move indoors

without penalty to Cheri & or Neil. Our proximity CAN NOT be so that You,

Your guest and or Cheri & or Neil are in any danger from electrical shock.


          You are allowed to make announcements using our Microphones or we

will help if given the correct information. NO Drinking & or smoking allowed

while using our microphones.


          You will be responsible for our safety from Your invited and uninvited

guest. Abuse to Cheri & or Neil and or our equipment will Not be tolerated and will cause a forfeiture

of any fees paid without penalty to us.


          There will be a convenient reschedule in case of a local

hurricane and your deposite will be returned.


Please choose a representative to give US directions if you do not have time or are unable/unavailable.

Client Name & Date______________________________________

Sign Here-à___________________________________________


Make Payable to Cheri Fountaine


Cheri Fountaine – 711 Brigantine Blvd

N. Fort Myers – FL 33917 – 239-322-9019