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Miss Cheri

Song - Sweet Darlin' Of Mine

Cheri, Singer/Songwriter, cut her proverbial teeth as a lead singer for a group called "PAX" on Galveston Beach, Texas. "PAX" performed at clubs up and down the strip and were the featured band at Christie’s Beachcomber. With a recording contract, Cheri went to Dallas to record “Collector of Smiles”. As many artist find, the compensation was only enough to pay for itself.

        "PAX" went on the road performing at various hotel lounges. They soon found themselves without a drummer. Cheri then agreed to be the lead singer and the drummer too!

        After "PAX" disbanded, Cheri returned to her hometown in Ohio. She connected with a group of players from Youngstown called "FREE WIND". They performed at clubs around the Cleveland and Youngstown area. Turning to the road, "FREE WIND" went to Miami, Florida. The Miami influence on Cheri from the Latin rhythm is still present in a lot of the music that she performs today. Also, she is expending her style with country's newer pop hits and garnishing many 30's, 40's and 50's hits.

Cheri’s sound is a mixture of Karen Carpenter, Janis Joplin, Gloria Estafan and many others. She has recorded a CD that was released in the summer of 2001 called “From the Heart”. You’ll hear original material on the CD while show-casing Janis Joplin’s versions of Bobby McGee and Mercedes Benz. 

        Cheri called Fort Myers area, Florida her home .  Included, you will find Cheri entertaining many private parties. You can have her talents available at your party.


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